D(-)-lactic acid
Product name: D(-)-lactic acid
English name: D(-)-lactic acid
CAS RN: 10326-41-7
Molecular formula: C3H6O3
Molecular weight: 90.08
Structural formula:
Properties: Colorless to yellowish clear and viscous liquid with sligth sour.
Quality index:
Content %: ≥92 Heavy metal: ≤5ppm
Optical content D/(L+D)%: ≥99.0 Iron: ≤5ppm
Color: ≤50apha Relative density(20/20℃): 1.20-1.22
Color: ≤50apha Sulfate: ≤10ppm
Sulfuric acid ash powder %: ≤0.02 Chloride: ≤10ppm
Packing: 25kg or 255 kf plastic drum.  
Physical & chemical properties: Boiling point: 125℃(92% solution)
Viscosity: 5~60 mPa.s (25℃) (50~90% solution)
Decomposition temperature: Min 200℃
Application: Used in the production of chiral drug and in the synthesis of pesticide intermediate.
Packing: Net weight 250KG, PE drum; net weight 20KG, PE drum; or upon customer's request.
Storage: Keep in cool and dry place.
Shelf life: 24 months if unopened since the date of production.


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