Methyl (R)-lactate
Product name: Methyl (R)-lactate
English name: Methyl (R)-lactate
CAS RN: 17392-83-5
Molecular formula: C4H8O3
Molecular weight: 104.11
Properties: Colorless to yellowish clear liquid with special odor. Easily soluble in ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether, acetone and other organic solvents.
Quality index:
Chemical content ≥99.0%
Optical content ≥99.0%D/(L+D)×100
Color ≤50apha
Acidity ≤0.20%
Methyl alcohol ≤0.50%
Relative density(25/25℃) 1.08-1.10
Refractive index(20℃) 1.410-1.418
Moisture(K-F method) ≤0.30%
Ignition residue ≤0.10%
Physical & chemical properties:
Boiling point 144.8℃(760 Kpa)
Melting point -66℃
Flash point 55℃
Distillation range 140-150℃
Spontaneous ignition point 385℃
Viscosity 3.1mPa.S(25℃)
Molecular weight 104.11g/mol
Application: Mainly used in the synthesis of medicine and agricultural chemical products.


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