Ethyl L(-)-lactate
Product name: Ethyl L(-)-lactate
English name: Ethyl L(-)-lactate
Molecular formula: C5H10O3
Molecular weight: 118.13
Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid with special odor of rum, fruit and cream. Soluble in most organic solvents.
Quality index:
Ester content%: ≥99.0 Moisture(K-F method)%: ≤0.30
Optical content L/ (L+D) %: ≥99. 0 Ethyl alcohol%: ≤0.50
Color: ≤50apha Relative density(25/25℃); 1.030-1.038
Acidity: ≤0.20 Refractive index(20℃): 1.410-1.420
Physical & chemical properties: Boiling point: 154℃ (760 Kpa)
Melting point: -26℃
Flash point: 46℃
Distillation range: 145~160℃
Spontaneous ignition point: 400℃
Viscosity: 2.8 mPa.s (20℃)
Application: Used in chiral medicine and pesticide fields.
Packing: 25kg or 200kg plastic drum
Storage: Keep in cool and dry place.
Shelf life: 12 months if unopened since the date of production.


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